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Color Your World

Each year, Pantone comes out with a new color for the year - a color to inspire us in all that we do.  Have you ever noticed how the color you choose to wear is actually quite similar to your decorating choices??  - they say even to the color of your car.  Makes sense - it's what we find pleasing to the eye so we add it everywhere.  

This year, Pantone has released TWO colors - given this crazy Covid year we've had.  "Our mindsets have had to completely reset to what was taking place. I think as a result of the pandemic, we moved to this slow life from a fast life. We moved to less, not more, local, creativity versus efficiency, quality versus quantity."  Balance & harmony.



These colors have a bit of 30's art deco, 70's disco glam & something simply fresh & new.

To read a bit more...Pantone picked a dynamic duo for 2021's Color of the Year (