It's so surprising to me when I work at our stores the number of women (not lots but enough) who comment that "they have no where to wear their clothes" or that they have "no reason to get dressed up".  I am absolutely gobsmacked by these comments. 

While I don't want to get into a big discussion with them or make them feel badly, surely like most should want to dress FOR YOURSELF!  It's proven scientifically that what you wear changes your attitude.  There are thousands of fashion quotes referring to the fact that fashions influence so many things...first impressions, your self-esteem, respect from others, negotiations, job interviews and the happiness you'll feel during the day.  Sure the old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" shouldn't apply but if you actually think about it - who would you look more favorably at - the person in drab colors and who looks like they don't care?  Or the gal who's all put together and walks with an air of confidence?  You're going to think she looks dynamite!  

It doesn't even come down to spending lots of money.  It's simply about wearing your favorite color, pieces that fit nicely, accessorizing, adding a bit of make-up & doing your hair.  And show off your own style!  Whether it's bling, suits, vintage, rock & roll or conservative, everyone's look can be updated & made to be awesome.  I have a list of friends with their own unique styles & they look fabulous everyday.  Sandra, Nancy, Lisa, Beth, Tammy, Sherri, Helen, Cassidy, know you look great!

When you put a little effort & happiness into your clothing decisions - believe me - you will feel so much better.  And it really doesn't matter if you're just going to get groceries, walk the dog or running will feel amazing, get smiles & walk with a bit more spring in your step.  So throw on a sparkly top with your jeans, a dress with your leggings or a bright scarf with your coat.  Go ahead - give it a try!